Oznake: blackpink, exo dolgo, krpo kpop, bomba vojske bomba, kpop loona, sijaj stranka stick, blackpink kpop, funda lightstick kpop, zemljevid duše eno, tie bts kpop.

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Kpop Potepuških otroci Svetlobe Palico Podporo Koncert Strani Lučka Sveti Stranka Flash lučka za Blago lightstick visoko kakovost Novih turistov

Izdelek :Potepuških otroci Luč Stick

100% Novih in kakovostnih Velikost: 84*95 * 231mm Teža: 290 g

  • 1: straykids luč stick
  • type4: Kpop potepuških otroci lightstick
  • Številka Modela: SKD082
  • Type3: nov prihod
  • številka izdelka: Sijaj Stranka Flash lučka
  • Kategorije Izdelkov: kpop lightstick
  • Postavka: Potepuške otroci lightstick
  • Material: ABS
  • Type2: Visoka Kakovost
  • Starost: >8 LET

yes, it's the official skz lightstick from jyp ent. I rlly like the lightstick bc ITS SO PRETTY SJSJSJ. if urs comes scratched on the inside, you can unscrew the top and decorate the inside which I will do. the box didnt rlly come damaged besides a small dent at the bottom (but I dont mind because it's super small and it was probably the shippings fault not the sellers. if the stars on your lightstick delivers apart, dont worry pls. all you have to do is unscrew the top and click the star back together to have it spinning and working. it comes with the string, no photocard (which is compelling ok bc idek if the one from JYP has photocard included), and I pretty much just love this. i didnt have to communicate with the seller and it took about 2 and a half weeks to arrive. thanks for selling it so low . DID I MENTION IT SPINS JSJSJSJSKSK ENJOY UR NACHIMBONG STAYS AND STREAM BACKDOOR AND RESONANCE
N Sava Art
Im telling everyone now that it isn't the official lightstick. If it was then it would be able to connect to the stray kids lightstick app to which it doesn't. If you're not too bothered with taking it to concert and not being able to connect it to the concert lights for the different colours depending on the concept of the songs then I do recommend buying this. If you're on the pickier side,then maybe try and invest in the official lighstick!

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